eBook- Confidently On-Camera: How to Create Your First Video Series
eBook- Confidently On-Camera: How to Create Your First Video Series
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, eBook- Confidently On-Camera: How to Create Your First Video Series

eBook- Confidently On-Camera: How to Create Your First Video Series

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  • Make compelling and juicy video content to grow your business
  • Cross off “create video content” from your to-do list
  • Know what video format will help you achieve your goals
  • Become accountable to a plan 
  • Receive a customizable content calendar template 
  • Learn what to say and how to say it 
  • Develop your own unique, captivating on-camera personality 
  • Exude confidence every time you show up on-camera
  • Learn how to write a video script/outline 
  • Learn which DIY production level is right for your time and budget 
  • Receive a list of equipment recommendations 
  • Learn the art and science of filming yourself on-camera 
  • Receive editing recommendations and considerations  
  • Optimize your video posts with publishing best practices like caption writing, thumbnails, etc.
  • Learn how to promote your video series to increase your viewership 
  • Overcome common obstacles slowing you down, like perfectionism, self-doubt, etc.

Learn how to make videos like this one:

You know video can:

  • Attract new customers and clients

  • Engage your community

  • Increase your visibility

  • Demonstrate your value

  • Help people “know, like and trust” you

  • Convey your story and share your message 

Basically it can take your influence, impact and income to the next level.

And you know video content is the future. It’s only growing…. 

So why aren’t you creating videos?


The problem:

Analysis paralysis….
- You’re not sure what equipment to use
- You’re overthinking what to say and how to say it
- You feel all over the place
Lack of confidence…
- You’re self-conscious about how you look and sound
- You’re stuck behind nerves
- You’re doubting your delivery
Lack of consistency…
- You don’t have a plan and process in place
- You’re lacking accountability
- You’re creating content last minute
Lack of budget…
- You think creating videos costs a lot (spoiler: I share DIY options to create videos for very little to nothing at all)

The solution:

About the author:

Alex Wehrley is a national TV host, producer and the CEO of Empowerista, a media company empowering women through storytelling. You may have seen Alex hosting shows like the Miss USA telecast, E! News Now and ABC red carpets.

Today you can see her interviewing female entrepreneurs on the national multimedia show, Business Rockstars, and on her own local Los Angeles TV show named after her company, Empowerista.

When Alex isn’t on-camera, she is likely producing social media videos for Empowerista and other female-centric brands. In 2016, her entrepreneurial journey earned her a spot on Los Angeles Business Journal’s "20 in Their Twenties" list.

Reader Reviews

"Alex is the real deal! She’s a very talented and knowledgeable content creator and producer. From now on, whenever someone asks me how to get started with social media videos, I’m directing them to this book. It has it all!"

- Charlie Berens, Comedian/Content Creator

"I highly recommend Alex’s e-book 'Confidently On-Camera.' I love her checklists, self-surveys, and real-life examples you can use to assess your goals and performance. Alex is a joy to work with and she is the expert you need on how to produce the videos to attract your audience and reach your business goals!"

- Meghan Nechrebecki, Founder & CEO, Health Care Transformation
"Alex has been my go-to gal for all my video creation questions. She's provided guidance for everything from script writing to choosing graphics/backgrounds to my on-camera presentation. I was so excited to see and read all her advice in one place... this book!"

- Lauren Ziegler, Meditation Teacher & Yoga Therapist

This is for you if….

  • You are, or want to be, a thought leader, coach, consultant, expert, influencer, freelancer, blogger or content creator
  • You want to create social media videos
  • You’re willing to do the work
  • You have the courage to start
  • You have the patience and perseverance to keep creating
  • You’re looking to grow your social media community
  • You’re looking to increase your influence, income and impact

This is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for a “get rich quick” project
  • Your goal is to go “viral” and think it only takes one video to dramatically increase your following and customer/clients
  • You’re looking to make sales/product videos (This book teaches how to make editorial videos that educate, entertain or inspire.)